Armored Car Cost Reducition - 39% Average Budget Reduction

Q&A Payment Solutions have developed unique analytical software that analyzes your cash and check sales data for each location against a selection of quantifiable operational restraints. The software will test 147 permutations of collections against each operational restraint for each location, to identify the optimum collection schedule per location.

How It Works

Stage 1 Confidential Audit - Q&A will complete a confidential audit of your current costs and procedures to demonstrate how and why we will deliver the cost savings.

Stage 2 Savings Delivery - Q&A will fully manage and implement the agreed strategy devised to deliver the identified savings.

Stage 3 Project Management - Q&A will manage the implementation of any changes with the relevant stakeholders to ensure that the savings are delivered on time and to meet your operational requirements.



Competitive Rates - Based on our unique market knowledge Q&A will negotiate the best pick-up rate in the market.

Ancillary Charges - Q&A will analyze the time on site, items & liability limits to ensure that your contract meets the needs of your locations without being “nickeled or dimed”

Fuel Surcharges - Prices and contracts will be based on doing the cost of business today and FSC will reflect this.

Contract Negotiations - Equitable contract terms will be negotiated to ensure that the contract is fair and holds the carrier accountable.

All Carriers - Successful track record with all national and regional carriers.